Biocompatible Dental Fillings in Orangeville

Even with good oral hygiene habits, your teeth may be more susceptible to decay due to biological and lifestyle factors. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria collects on one of the surfaces of a tooth, and by feeding on the same sugars that we eat, produces an acid by-product which erodes tooth enamel away and produces a hole or cavity. Cavities can occur anywhere the bacteria are not sufficiently cleaned away. The longer the bacteria are left to produce acid, the larger and more painful the cavity will become.

Understand that dental decay is a serious issue. If left untreated, decay can become a serious threat to your dental hygiene and cause you significant pain. When you experience this pain we recommended that you schedule an appointment with Dr. Ranu as soon as possible, who will solve your problem with tooth fillings.

The average filling can be expected to last 7-10 years before needing replacement. As fillings get closer to the centre of the tooth, the risk of root canal arises.

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