Dental Implants in Orangeville

Are you looking for a natural looking solution for missing teeth in Orangeville? Or are ill-fitting dentures effecting your confidence, speech, or diet?

Regain your confidence and confident smile with a natural looking dental implants - a permanent solution to replace missing teeth right here at our Orangeville dental office. A dental implant is a "fixed solution" as opposed to removable options such as partial or complete dentures. Dentures require more maintenance than implants and are often more uncomfortable.Therefore, implant dentistry is the most advanced therapy available to replace missing teeth providing excellent support and stability.

Dental implants from our Orangeville dental office function, feel, and look just like a natural tooth! Missing teeth can affect speech and eating habits, and dental implants provide a quick and effective way to avoid the inconveniences that missing teeth cause.

On a daily basis, Orangeville dentist Dr. Ranu sees patients that have missing teeth due to trauma, decay, periodontal disease, or even genetics. Regardless of the reason, understand that it's important to replace any missing teeth quickly to help prevent other complications such as fractures, shifting in surrounding teeth, TMJ, and gum problems.

Replacing a missing tooth also helps you obtain whole body health by improving digestion as an dental implant enables you to chew your food properly which allows your body to better absorb vitamins and minerals easier.

The Dental Implant Procedure

First, you will have an initial examination with Orangeville dentist Dr. Ranu where she will examine your mouth, take x-rays of your head, jaw, and teeth, and determine whether dental implants are the right solution for you. Dental implants offer a permanent long-term solution to tooth loss and may be the solution if you're in good health and you still have a sufficient amount of bone in your jaw to support the implants. If dental implants are a feasible option for you then your procedure date will be scheduled at our Orangeville dental office.

The initial part of the implant procedure involves the insertion of a dental implant into your jawbone under the gums. The gums will be stitched up and the implant will connect with the bone and attach to the gum over the next few months as the gums heals.

Once it's been determined that the gum and bone has successfully healed, Orangeville dentist Dr. Ranu will attach what is called an abutment to the implant - a post that combines the replacement tooth with the implant.

Reduce Pain and Heal Faster using PRF

PRF treatment is an interesting result of modern technology that can not only speed up your healing time, but also helps to reduce pains. This results in more successful and predictable outcomes - while being 100% natural. From your own body. No additives. No preservatives.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Ranu will take some of your blood (similar to a blood test) and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the blood into three individual compounds by weight (plasma, red blood cells and a small amount of white blood cells and platelet).

The jelly-like yellow top layer (PRF) is extracted and used after your surgery to help you heal naturally by simply applying mesh with PRF to the area which causes your blood to clot faster.

Implant Dentistry Facts

A dental implant is used to replace the root of your natural tooth.

At Family Dental On Broadway in Orangeville, we use biocompatible implants made of zirconia. The dental implant is made to fit into your jawbone and once it is inserted, an artificial tooth is connected to the implant.

The ideal candidate for dental implants will be in fine health, and have the needed amount of jaw bone to support a dental implant.

Bone grafting may be an additional option for you if you don't have a sufficient amount of bone in your jaw.

As long as you maintain proper oral care and dental hygiene habits, your dental implants can last as long as a natural tooth would.

Orangeville dentist Dr. Ranu will review cleaning techniques to ensure proper care for your new dental implant(s).

The level of discomfort during the dental implant procedure is relatively low.

Many of Dr. Ranu's patients don't even take the pain medication prescribed to them at the time of the implant procedure.

Implant work takes a high calibre level of knowledge and experience.

Placing and restoring implants can be notably more difficult than other reconstructive treatments and therefore not every dentist can provide this service. Family Dental on Broadway is proud to offer this valuable service to our patients. Our staff will ensure that you get the best results possible.

Our team has years of dental implant experience

Our Orangeville dentists believe that you should to be provided with all relevant information about your mouths and the various options available so you can participate in co-diagnose and explore the different opportunities together. The Family Dental on Broadway team provides timely, affordable, and professional dental implant treatments that make denture disruptions a thing of the past.

Contact Family Dental on Broadway in Orangeville today to discuss a variety of seamless dental implant solutions that fit your specific needs and budget.

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