Teeth Whitening in Orangeville

Did you know that over time, teeth get stained by certain foods, tobacco, illness, and medications? A stained smile can be a source of embarrassment for many people, and can even make it less likely for you to be successful in your career. Teeth whitening at our Orangeville dental clinic is a perfect solution to this problem!

Teeth-whitening is the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve your smile. Whitening systems work by using a chemical (typically hydrogen peroxide) to clean out the pores in the teeth, eliminating years of stains and yellowing and brightening your smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening

One of the teeth whitening methods Family Dental on Broadway offers is at-home whitening. Moulds are created at our office, and custom trays are made for you to use at home. The trays are worn for 3 hours at a time or 2 sessions of 30 minutes based on preference. After 14 days, the teeth will be noticeably whiter, and your treatment is finished. This is the most cost-effective way to achieve professional whitening results.

Our Orangeville dental office also offers in-office teeth whitening, which uses a stronger chemical for a shorter period of time compared to at-home teeth whitening. This treatment doesn't damage any enamel, crowns, or veeners, so rest assured that your natural teeth and previous treatments are safe. In-office teeth whitening typically takes between 30-60 minutes.

Whitening doesn’t damage the teeth at all but can cause temporary sensitivity for 2 or 3 days following treatment. Sensitivity is very difficult to predict and is most common with professional at home teeth whitening. Our professional in-office whitening can effectively manage sensitivity in most cases.

In-office whitening is the fastest option available and also produces the best outcome. Success does depend on you, however, as it is important to avoid stain-causing foods immediately after whitening and to remember to touch up your whitening every month or so.

Over-the-counter Teeth Whitening Kits

With the rise in the popularity of teeth whitening, many people are turning to over-the-counter kits (ones available at superstores and grocey stores) to whiten their teeth. However, be careful, as there are a few things to keep in mind regarding these kits:

  1. Over-the-counter kits are not custom-fitted to your teeth, so they may irritate/damage your gums.
  2. The chemicals used in these kits are not as strong, so you may need multiple applications; this can increase sensitivity and cause the whole treatment to be more costly than our professional teeth whitening services.

If you are interested in boosting your self-confidence by getting your teeth professionally whitened, book an appointment in Orangeville today!

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